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Welcome to your nurture zone!

Welcome to The Little Hartly Wellness Club

From one Mother to Another. Creating Calm, Support and Empowerment.

The Little Harlty Wellness Club is founded and run by Me.. Lynsey Hart.

A Paediatric Nurse, with a special interest in Immunology and Holistic Wellness.

As a Newborn Nurture, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga Instructor and Circle guide, all courses have been created with Parents in mind, when you look after yourself first, you can more easily look after those around you.

The ripple effect is something talked about in a lot of our sessions, when we feel good, we glow, we feel calm and confident and we ripple that out, not only to our babies and families, but to the world.

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Things we LOVE here:

♡ Healthy Daily Habits - Journalling, Using organic products, Healthy Eating

(and a bit of carrot cake..because it's healthy right, there are carrots!)

♡ Creating Calm - For ourselves first and foremost, our babies, families and the world.

♡ Support - There are a number of gorgeous local business that are now linked for the benefit of our clients, so if you're ever in need of support for anything please ask.. if it's not my forte, we certainly know someone near by who can support.

♡ Empowerment - Learning how to find your calm / Baby Massage / Developmental support for baby / attending Circles, will certainly leave you feeling empowered!

Creating calm in the chaos is at the heart of our mission and supporting parents to find calm, support, connection and empowerment.

So that's a bit of what you can expect in up coming blog posts and from the sessions that are run at The Little Hartly Wellness Club.

We hope to see you to support you in creating some calm and empowerment soon!

When was the last time you did something truly for yourself?

Something that left you feeling calm, empowered, glowing even?

If you can't remember book on to one of our courses / Circles NOW

..... because goodness knows you deserve it!

(Oh and eat the cake......ALWAYS eat the cake... you deserve that too!)

So share with friends or family members, and don't forget to Subscribe by clicking here.

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