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The Science of Touch

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The power of touch.

Touch is our first sense to develop.

It's the first language of our babies.


We are still so primitive and simple in our basic needs.

As humans, each and everyone of us, needs and wants to feel connected, to feel we belong, to feel loved. Hugs really do tick that box for most of us... I know there are some of you reading this who are absolutely not huggers, but maybe this will change your mind!

The Science.

Touch can and will improve your mental and physical health and your overall wellbeing, even to a point of supporting your immune system, lowering blood pressure, stress and anxiety. This leads to a positive impact on our relationships with those around us!

When we are nicer and more loving to people around us, those people are more loving and kinder to others, creating a domino effect.... creating a happier, healthier, more loving world!

Touch stimulates the vagus nerve, this calms and relaxes us, creates compassion and releases oxytocin (the love hormone).

Studies show that touch signifies safety and trust. It calms, tell's us we are safe,

Being starved of touch can lead to depression, anxiety and poor physical health.

Dr Richard Horton was working in The Democratic Republic of Congo, during the Ebola epidemic, he was on a 3 month trip and really considered what 3 months of "no touch" might be like.

Touch remains a basic human need, next time you see those you love, hug them for a little longer, feel the love run through you and know that you might have just made that person a little happier, more relaxed and calm than they are even aware of!

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