1001 Critical Days

This is the start of Infant Mental Health Week 2020

The first 1001 days refers to the days between conception to the child's second birthday.

Yes, it really does matter what happens during pregnancy.

The levels of cortisol (stress hormone) or oxytocin (happy/ love hormone) that the mother experiences during pregnancy is known to affect the mental health of their unborn child.

These first 1001 days lay the foundation for everything that is to come. The ability of the baby to trust, their health and wellbeing, their ability to learn and adapt, so let's connect to support babies and their parents and share and spread love!

During these 1001 days, babies brains are

What is Infant Mental Health?

Infant mental health is crucial to the development of good mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing throughout the whole life course. The discipline of infant mental health aims to get things right for the baby from the start, recognising when things are going wrong and working to support infants and their parents or carers.


Income and education is strongly related to

Babies who's mothers experience stress in the first 1001 have been found to


What is Infant Mental Health?

Infant mental health is supported by parental mental health and wellbeing. We know that maternal mental health and relationship connections have an impact on the baby from conception until 2 years old. The sooner we can help to create community and support that community the sooner we will see the wellbeing of mothers and their babies improve.

The Little Hartly Wellness Club is committed to connecting, supporting and loving all babies and families. Let's connect to create support for one another, for the new babies and all the mothers and fathers. Let's support the growth and wellbeing of new babies by slowing down, creating those vital connections and loving them with our whole heart.

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