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Connect with Club Experts

At The Little Hartly Wellness Club we are passionate about working with

experts to provide the best holistic care for you and your little ones.

Meet our amazing team of experts.

Sareena Sinda

Weaning Expert

Sareena, founder of Serene Baby, 

Is a fully trained Starting solids practitioner. 

In the starting solids sessions, we will cover:

Signs of readiness

Why introduce solids

Foods to avoid

How to present foods ( finger foods, mashed, purees)

Baby led weaning

Milk & drinks

Meal times


How to introduce solids

and so much more

Weaning workshops are 2.5 hours long, taught either 1:1 or in a small group online.

This workshop is aims to give you the tools you will need to start your weaning journey either through purees or baby led weaning, the choice is yours. 

Sareena is here to support you and give you the confidence you need on your weaning adventure.

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Sam Pemble

Vital Cores Wellbeing
Kids, Family and Postnatal Yoga

Sam teaches Kids Yoga, Family Yoga and Postnatal Yoga. And also offers introductory Sleep Workshops to share knowledge and ideas on how to establish a good bedtime routine and sleep habits from a young age. Sam absolutely loves what she does!


Sams background is a mixed bag of High school teacher to Education Recruitment Manager to full-time Mum of 2 gorgeous children. When Sams son was identified as having some additional needs a few years ago, Sam read quite extensively and realised that she just had to share all this knowledge with more mums. Sam then retrained and started my studies in early 2017.

Sam believes there is so much we can do to help our children learn and develop right from a young age, which can have a really big, positive affect on their learning at school. Having a strong core is fundamental to development and learning and so Vital Cores Wellbeing was born.

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Claire Holness 


Sleep Expert

Claire is Mum to five boys and the founder of Sweetbeginnings Babycare. Claire is am a gentle and holistic sleep coach whereby she support families with sleep by creating bespoke sustainable sleep solutions. 


Claire support families with a range of services to help with bedtime battles, multiple wake ups throughout the night, early rising, nailing those naps and more. The aim is for families to understand their child’s individual sleep needs and set realistic and sustainable sleep solutions for them. 

Claire takes a holistic approach inclusive of the whole family to create your own bespoke plan. The emphasis is on sustainable sleep solutions and will be based around gentle methods using responsive care and love.

If you would like to discuss your little ones sleep you are welcome to book a free 15 minute discovery call, just email 

Or visit

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Becky Palmer

Colic Expert and Yoga Story Instructor

Becky is a colic expert who provides a one to one virtual consultancy service, helping parents discover their baby's root cause of their colic. Providing advice on how to settle and soothe baby and supporting families through the challenging period, she helps create happy babies.


Becky from Little Yoga Stars brings favourite stories to life through yoga. Enjoy free yoga adventures for little ones on her YouTube channel.

Find yoga story videos for Little Yoga Stars at

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Becky Browne

High Oaks Shoot - web -42.jpg

Bambinos & Me

Becky is Mum to 2 girls aged 10 and 6 years old and owner of

Bambinos & Me.

Becky is a:
Mum & Baby Yoga Teacher 
Children’s Yoga Teacher
Tummy Time Practitioner 
Colic Consultant 
Soothe, Settle and Sleep Teacher

Becky has a huge interest in therapeutic play, having trained as a play Specialist and Montessori teacher.


Becky use crafts, art and messy play in the classes.

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