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Baby Yoga, Music & Movement


There are 2 blocks of Baby Yoga, which you can attend in either order and do not have to have completed a Baby Massage Course to join us!


Baby Yoga varies from the varieties of yoga we know as adults. It has been practiced culturally in India and parts of the pacific for hundreds of years and has wonderful benefits to support your little ones neurological, physical and social development, through stretches, and movement.

The Beginners Baby Yoga course on offer is designed for babies 12 weeks & up to crawling. 


Baby Yoga is another beautiful way to develop your communication & deepen your connection with your little one. As well as to support their digestion, circulation, sleep patterns, balance and body awareness.

The Classes -

All classes are baby-led,

meaning you do exactly what it is your baby needs, when they need it.

No apology needed here.

We also have a no judgement policy

(when you come through the door into classes, no one is judging you so you don't need to either).

Everyone parents differently and as long as you're comfortable with what you're doing,

we will all respect and celebrate one another's parenting differences.

So What Do We Do During The Session? -

Every session starts with Parent relaxation stretches.

We practice some dry massage on the babies. 

Baby Yoga floor pose sequences.

Some postnatal yoga for Mums.

Swings and Dips.

Songs & rhymes throughout the course.

The Yoga techniques taught in classes support baby's -

Positive Mental Health

Vestibular System

Muscular & Skeletal Development 

Coordination & Balance 


Benefits for parents - 

Improves confidence.

Releases oxytocin which relaxes the body.

Research has proven to reduce Post natal depression

(Dad's can be affected by PND too)​


Courses Also Include - 

Love bubble Bundle

Tummy Time and Sensory Play ideas

A chance to meet other Parents

Parent Relaxation

Spotify Playlist


To ensure the health & safety of you & your family, we will continue with adjustments;

• Distancing and room ventilation where possible  • Paper handouts are now PDF form

• Hand sanitiser is provided.





Benefits of Baby Yoga


Stimulation -

Through a series of movements, swings, dips and rolls, Baby Yoga helps to develop your

little ones vestibular and proprioceptive system.  

The vestibular system is a sensory system responsible for providing the brain with information about motion and balance.

The proprioceptive system provides us with a sense of body awareness and detects force or pressure. It supports nervous system development and also has an important role to assist reaction to sensory stimuli. 


Baby Yoga can help relief symptoms of colic and can also help to support and relieve the digestive system with issues such as constipation and trapped wind.


Baby Yoga activated the parasympathetic nervous system, this is our rest and digest response. It undoes the work of the stress hormones and the impact they have on the body. 

Interaction - 

This beautiful sequence of playful motions, connects you and your little one by promoting eye contact, developing trust from them, creates space for relaxation and fun. 

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