Baby Massage


Baby Massage has been practiced culturally around the world for hundreds of years and come with so many practical and beautifully calming benefits.

Baby Massage is a beautiful way to communicate & connect with your baby

through nurturing touch. 

Classes provide a combination of Indian and Swedish Massage, which compliment one another to provide an all round beneficial massage.

You will be taught about all the physiological benefits for your baby and

yourself, by Lynsey who is a passionate instructor. 

For babies 6 weeks + 

Our Classes

All classes are baby-led, meaning responsive parenting is encouraged.

Do exactly what it is your baby needs, whether that is, feeding, a little cuddle or a nap.

No apology needed here. We are all parents and we all understand that Babies need what they need when they need it and that's okay.

You will learn -

Parent relaxation techniques.

When the best time is to give your little one their massage.

When we recommend you don't massage. 

Developmental, physiological and psychological benefits.

The full baby massage routine - focusing on one part of the body per week.

Tummy Time positions.

Songs to go along with the massage.

The Massage techniques taught in classes support baby's -

Positive Mental Health

Neurological Development 

Cardiovascular System

Respiratory System

Immune System

Muscular & Skeletal Development 

Digestive System

Coordination & Balance 


Benefits for parents - 

Improves confidence.

Releases oxytocin which relaxes the body.

Research has proven it can reduce Post natal depression

(Dad's can be affected by PND too)

The Baby Massage courses on offer are designed for babies 6 weeks & up to mobile.​


Courses Also Include - 

Organic Sunflower Oil

Weekly PDF of the strokes


A chance to meet other Parents

Spotify Playlist


As things change on 27th Jan 2022, we endeavour to keep you safe.

To ensure the health & safety of you & your family, we will continue

with adjustments;

• Mask to mat policy  • Paper handouts are now PDF form

• Hand sanitiser is provided.



Benefits of Baby Massage

Relief -

Baby Massage can help to relief a number of issues from teething pain, nasal congestion, symptoms of colic, trapped wind or constipation, muscle tension, itchy dry skin, to name a few. 

Connection -

Connecting to your new little one might not come as easy as the books make it seem, this can be a challenge for some parents and that's ok.

Baby Massage improves the beautiful connection & communication between parents & their little ones, by getting to know your baby's body language and non verbal cues even better.

Stimulation -

Baby Massage stimulates the nerves within the skin to send signals to the brain, stimulating the nervous system, which supports brain development. Respiratory system, digestive and circulatory systems. 

Lymphatic system, (the body's waste disposal system) by riding the body of waste products, it boosts the immune system.


Relaxation -

Massage is renowned for relaxing benefits. Baby Massage is not only relaxing for baby, but for the parent too. The skin to skin contact in baby massage enables the production of oxytocin, this is the love hormone (that same warm feeling you get when you hug someone). This hormone can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety, and adrenaline.