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Who doesn't love a few freebies?

This is your Freebies Page. It's a great opportunity to get a taster of some of the sessions or courses I run and to help you troubleshoot on some of the most commonly raised issues or concerns. 

All info here is correct at the time of releasing and is in line with my qualifications and insurance. If you ever have questions or need further info my inbox is always open to everyone....even if you've not been to a course with me. 

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Tummy Time Freebie Download

Tummy time is an essential part of supporting our baby's development, physically, emotionally and neurologically...

But we can easily feel lost for ideas of how to play in a tummy time position, be unsure of when to place baby in the tummy time  and for how long to be in these positions for.

In 2020 I qualified as a Tummy Time Practitioner and recently completed the advanced qualification to support you


Below you can download my Tummy Time Tips 

Absolutely FREE


Sensory Basket
Freebie Download

We all need a little help with ideas from time to time.

Download this freebie 

This is a sample of one of the documents from the pack you receive when you attend a Tummy Time course with me. 


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