My Mission

My mission at The Little Hartly Wellness Club is to

empower & nurture parents through connection, support and love.  


My Story

About Me

I'm Lynsey / Lyns,. I'm the founder and owner of The Little Hartly Wellness Club.

Mum of one amazing little one, Wife to one incredibly supportive & encouraging Husband,

Since graduating in 2009, I've worked as a Paediatric Nurse. 

I'm also a fully qualified & insured Newborn Nurture consultant, Infant massage and Infant yoga instructor.

 Advanced Tummy Time Instructor. 

I became a paediatric nurse to support & teach families.

The Little Hartly Wellness Club was created for much the same reason,

I love connecting with people, supporting & teaching & ultimately empowering families

to soothe, create positive connections, & deeper love with their little ones.  

Shortly after becoming a new Mum, the UK went into Lockdown due to Covid. Now you've heard the age old saying, "it takes a village", well our beautiful supportive village very quickly  felt like a strange distant, virtual and unknown world. The challenges of the past year have taught  me so much & have only fuelled my passion to reach, support & connect with new parents. 

Even if you feel like it, I promise you are not the only Mum / family going through what you're

going through. Connection, support & love are three things that are key to keeping your sanity

& helping you through those tough days, so reach out for that support. 

Attending new classes with your baby can create anxiety for a lot of parents, Connection is vital.

Being a parent can feel incredibly isolating at times, finding connection

through classes, free meet up events or seasonal parties, you can find your village.

"When you feel connected, supported & loved, the possibilities are endless.

The connection, support & love you share with your baby is then shared by your baby with

the world, then the world becomes a more connected, supported & loved place, and who doesn't want that".

- Lynsey The Little Hartly Wellness Club

If you have any questions at all please get in touch I'd love to hear from you.