The Little Hartly Wellness Club has been created for you.

I'm here to support you, connect with you, connect you with other parents and with your baby.


Being a new parent can be daunting, even overwhelming, as an anxious Mum I understand that.

 All courses are run as small groups, to ensure I can provide the personalised level of support you deserve to ensure you get the most relaxing, comforting & supportive experience from my classes. I encourage you to get to know one another, to build your village and share these special moments with people who could end up becoming some of your closest friends!

The classes & workshops you will find here are designed as much with you in mind, as your baby.  Here not only to connect with you, but also to connect you with your little one, other families &  carefully selected experts, to offer support through groups & discussion

& through love, for yourself & your baby. 

I've spent the past 13 years as a paediatric nurse, I am passionate about the science and research about how our bodies work,  how we can support them to work better naturally and compete family wellness.

One-to-one and Small Private Group Courses are also available on request.

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Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 6.00pm

Newborn Nurture


Baby Massage


Baby Yoga 


Prenatal Wellness Retreat


Gift Vouchers


Our Baby Massage course is designed for babies from 6 weeks up to 1 year.

It is a beautiful way to communicate & connect with your baby through nurturing touch. 

Benefits - Connection, Relaxation, Relief, Stimulation.

The Massage techniques taught in classes also support your baby's -

- Positive Mental Health

- Neurological Development 

- Cardiovascular System

- Respiratory System

- Immune System

- Muscular & Skeletal Development 

- Digestive System

- Coordination & Balance

Every class includes parent relaxation techniques. 

Our Baby Yoga course is designed for babies from 12 weeks up to 1 year.

The courses are broken into 2 sections - 

Stage 1: Baby Yoga, Stretch and Play: for babies from 12 weeks. 

Stage 2: Baby Yoga, Movement and Music: for babies from 20 weeks. 


Baby Yoga offers a fun and playful way to learn new techniques to support and nurture your baby's development, not only physically, but neurologically. It's a great way to support their development with lots of sensory play and songs.

Baby Yoga also shares the benefits of baby massage as well as -

- Promoting trust building between parent/carer and baby

- Promotes healthy sleep patterns

- Proprioception (bodyawareness) 

- Coordination development

- Healthy development of the vestibular system


Every class includes parent relaxation techniques and yoga inspired stretches.  

This event has been curated just for you. Join us for this gorgeous morning of connection and relaxation. Learn the benefits of meditation, prenatal yoga & breathing practices for your mind, body and baby.

Throughout this session you will learn a range of relaxation techniques, prenatal yoga positions to relive pain or discomfort, newborn nurturing techniques and make some new Mum to be friends along the way. 

Practice journalling and mindfulness. 
Preparation for the fourth trimester.
Newborn nurture & the first 1001 days.  
Learn Baby Massage techniques. 

Connect with new Mums-to-be in our sharing circle, create community


Gift Vouchers - 

Gift Vouchers can be purchased in any denomination to be used towards a class,

course or seasonal event.

You can also buy vouchers as gifts as "Baby Massage Course" or "Baby Yoga Course". 

Gift Vouchers are emailed to the recipient as standard, or can be sent to yourself or the recipient 

for an extra fee of £2. 

Newborn Nurture is a 2 part course, suitable for parents prenatally until baby is 6 weeks old.

This course offers parents the opportunity to prepare for the fourth trimester, we discuss emulating the womb and how to prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one.

Parents will learn about the brain development of their baby, the anatomy and physiology. You will also learn about still touch, holds, swaddling and calming holds and receive a gentle introduction to baby massage and yoga. 

You will also learn about The First 1001 days and attachment theory.

Benefits for parents - Empowerment, Connection, Confidence, Relaxation.


"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Newborn Nurture, Baby Massage & Yoga qualification from Blossom & Berry.

(The only programme to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) 

Tummy Time PLUS qualification from Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy.

Insurance provided by Westminster Indemnity. ICO Registered.