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Mum & Baby Classes

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The Little Hartly Wellness Club has been created for you and your family. 

I'm here to support you, connect with you, connect you with other parents and with your baby.

All courses are run as small groups to ensure I can provide the personalised level of support you deserve and to ensure you get the most relaxing, comforting & supportive experience from my classes. I encourage you to get to know one another, to build your village and share these special moments with people who could end up becoming some of your closest friends!

The classes & workshops you will find here are designed as much with you in mind, as your baby and are here to create some calm among the chaos, as well as support you as you navigate your new and developing role as a parent.

I've spent the past 15 years working as a paediatric nurse, I am passionate about the science and research about how our bodies work and how we can support them to work better to naturally to achieve complete family wellness.

One-to-one and Small Private Group Courses are also available on request.

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Lisa, May '22

"Lyns courses have been amazing and Oscar and I have enjoyed every second. Its a calm, fun, inviting environment. I can highly recommend these classes."
Keyboard and Mouse


Tue - Fri: 8.00am - 6.00pm

What parents have been saying - 

"Lyns courses have been amazing and Oscar and I have enjoyed every second. Small groups of Mums and babies enjoyed relaxed baby time, we did baby massage then the yoga class as well. It's a calm, fun, inviting environment to join in or fit baby if baby's not up for the full class, also have been able to meet some amazing Mums in our class. I can highly recommend these classes".

- Lisa May 2022

"My baby and I have attended both the Halloween and Easter parties organised by Lynsey and they have been wonderful. Thoughtful, fun and just the perfect amount of play for a little one, each event was made even better by how lovely and welcoming Lynsey is.

- Hariett May 2022

"My daughter and I attended the Valentines & Easter Party & both were brilliant! As soon as I walked in I felt welcomed, so much detail had been put into it, each mum & baby had their own space, props and treats. The songs were fun and baby yoga inspired, we were able to make keep sakes to take home & get some info on baby massage. Really enjoyed it, a great place to meet new mums".

- Ella April 2022

"Lyns creates a relaxing and inclusive environment and is so knowledgeable in her field. The classes allow plenty of time for chatting which was really appreciated as a new Mum. I made some wonderful friends!".

- Lucy April 2022

"Lynsey was so warm and friendly to our group of ew and tired Mummies, focusing on delivering us the information even if our baby wasn't directly participating due to feeding, sleeping or crying. I had a really enjoyable experience and would highly recommend to other parents looking for a lovely calm and tailored session to do with their young baby".

- Emma Jan 2022

"We really enjoyed the classes, they were super relaxed and I felt at ease to follow my baby's lead. We were able to use the techniques we learned at home after the sessions too. The resources provided were beautifully presented and easy to follow". 

- M Dec 2021

Newborn Nurture, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga qualification from Blossom & Berry.

(The only programme to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives) 

Tummy Time PLUS qualification from Carly Budd Developmental Play Academy.

Children's Yoga Qualification from Cosmic Kids Yoga Training. 

Circle Guide Qualification from Mother For Life Training Provider.


Postpartum Partner Baby Massage Expert.

Insurance provided by Westminster Indemnity. ICO Registered.

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